BrainWave Rhythms, Vol II

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Actual Running Time About 30 Minutes Each

Optimize the Subconscious Mind with Brainwave Entrainment

Before you read this entire page, take a moment to try out the powerful combination of audios and video above! You can choose to watch and listen to the video by itself or just play any one of the previews in the audio player. (be sure to make the video full screen for the maximum effect!) Recent research points to the powerful impact that color, brightness, and the quality of motion has on mood and psychology, not to mention the power of visualization and affirmation.

BrainWave Rhythms, Volume II

This collection is loaded with topic specific tracks designed to help with performance, anxiety, motivation, energy, insomnia, stress, and more. There is also a bonus track in the collection not listed on this page. Download all 11 new brainwave entrainment programs in volume II of BrainWave Rhythms

By guiding and encouraging deep relaxation, these programs also provide an opportunity to access and activate internal resources that have been there all along -- such as self-confidence, creativity, energy, and pleasant emotional states such as joy to name a few. Remember, "You cannot dwell on one thing while trying to create another - Emmet Fox"... So before listening take a moment to develop a visualization of how you look, sound and feel when those resources are active. Make this visualization as vivid and real as you can (Intensity). Then listen to your chosen programs 4 to 5 times a week while mentally rehearsing this visualization 'as if' you already have what you seek.

New! How to Use Brainwave Entrainment for self-hypnosis and reprogramming your subconscious mind. Learn tips for reprogramming, the Art of Visualization, How to use Audios for reprogramming, and How to create and use Powerful Affirmations. Plus you get AmbientWaves and all BrainWave Rhythms tracks (Volumes I and II) to practice your new skills (about 30 minutes each.)

NOTE: If you have a pacemaker, are pregnant, are using drugs, or history of seizure please consult your Doctor before using brainwave entrainment programs. (Click here for more information)

About Brainwave Entrainment:

Brainwave entrainment with binaural beats consist of one beat being delivered to the left ear, while a different beat is delivered to the right ear. The brain takes both beats & mixes them together creating a whole new beat. This promotes relaxation & hemispheric synchronization in the brain.

Most of the programs in Brainwave Rhythms I are isotronic beats which do not absolutely require headphones, but they are recommended. Isotronic beats simply play at a certain pace for 5 minutes or so to allow the brain time to get into synchronize with it by mirroring that pace. Then the programs are designed to slow the pace gradually, leading the brain to follow the beats into a deeply relaxed state, or whatever level of brainwave activity is ideal for the goals of the session.

Each track has relaxing music and sounds in the foreground while the binaural, monaural, or isotronic beats are playing in the background. The music in the foreground gives the conscious mind something to do while the subconscious mind responds to the beats in the background.

Included Tracks:

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